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Refurbishments completed ready for 2020

More paint on Fraser than on the walls!

We definitely picked an interesting week to decorate Nestledown, arriving the day before Storm Ciara hit. We were glad of the extra insulation added to the chalet over the winter, including a layer of insulation under the new wooden floor. It is definitely super cosy!

Storm Ciara rolling in to the beach in front of Nestledown

So what's new?

The floors are now level, with oak flooring in the main room and bedrooms; whilst, ceramic tiles have been laid through the kitchen, hall, bathroom and toilet.

We have a new water heater in the kitchen that directly feeds the mixer taps. And finally, we have moved the furniture round, replacing the bed in the back bedroom with a larger version, and procured a few additional pieces of art for the walls.

Here area few photos of the finished results

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