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Further refurbishment for 2020

The last of our projects on the chalet is finally underway! This involves getting the floor level and putting down new floorboards to replace the 90 year old original ones, adding some additional insulation, sorting out wonky walls and upgrading the hot water supply.

Boarding and skimming internal walls

The unique setting means that the building has settled into the sand dunes over the years, creating a number of strange slopes in some rooms! Weeks have been spent chasing the levels in the chalet, battening out and skimming to ensure that the you don't need climbing gear to walk from one side of the room to the other. We have then laid new bleached and oiled oak wooden flooring to keep that seaside feel.

Days of work to get the floors level
New bleached and oiled oak flooring - ready for new skirting boards

Next to go in will be stone flooring running through the kitchen, bathroom, hall and downstairs WC (not that there is an upstairs!). Look out for a blog in the New Year with photos.

Adding an extra later of insulation in the bedrooms

Whilst we have had the chalet empty, we also insulated the two double bedroom walls with an extra layer of protection to ensure the rooms are extra cosy, finishing off with tongue and groove wall cladding. We have also boarded and skimmed a couple of the internal walls that needed a bit of love and care and we now have a decent surface to hang some new beach artwork.

Tongue and groove cladding now in the two double bedrooms

The addition of a new front door will also ensure the chalet is extra snug, and secure. Following on from the new double glazed doors and windows, the chalet should be super cosy should an Atlantic storm ever roll in!

Finally, we are also taking the opportunity to replace the over-sink water heater with an integrated one that directly feeds the mixer taps.

All the chalet contents are in storage, so in February we will be totally redecorating without the need to scramble around furniture as we wield our paintbrushes! We will share with you the results in a couple of months once it is all completed and ready for the new season that starts in April. In the meantime we would like to wish anyone who has stayed, and is planning to stay in Nestledown warm seasonal greetings.

Fraser and Catrina.

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1 Comment

Laura Herbert
Laura Herbert
Jan 05, 2020

Very exciting! Can’t wait to visit in September 😊

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